The Weekly Madrasa Programme

The Wilaya Trust’s Weekly Madrasa is pleased to announce the programme of the 2018 Spring term.

This weekly educational programme provides a basic yet comprehensive curriculum for the person seeking to deepen his or her faith and practice. Taught by traditionally-trained yet western teachers, the subjects and texts covered are universally regarded as central to an authentic, scholarly and spiritual understanding of the Islamic faith.

Classes are held every Sunday and are offered free of charge. While these courses are developed for adults, young adults and mature children who are able to sit quietly for the duration of the class and to learn are welcome.

2017/2018 TERM DATES

Fall Term
8 October – 10 December
Spring Term
22 April – 27 May, 24 June – 29 July*

* There will be no class on Sunday, 8th July.
Winter Term
14 January – 18 March


Oxford Quaker Meeting House
43 St Giles
Oxford OX1 3LW


Arabic Level III
Time: 2pm – 3pm
Description: This is a continuation of last year’s Level II, and will focus on the third text of Access to Quranic Arabic, entitled 'Text Selections’. We will study set passages of the Quran, with close attention being paid to the passage's vocabulary, grammar, and related meanings.

Instructor: Sheikh Thaqib Mahmood

Course text: Access to Qur'anic Arabic (Darussalam link, Amazon link), by Abdul Wahid Hamid. The book comprises three volumes; the additional audio CD is not necessary for the course, though students may find it helpful.

Prerequisites: Students must have completed Level II or its equivalent: namely, an awareness of the functioning of nouns and verbs, and the ability to identify verbal and nominal sentences, in Arabic grammar.
Qur’anic Exegesis (Tafsir)
Time: 3.45pm – 6.00pm
Description: Continuing commentary of Surah Munafiqun.

Instructor: Sheikh Thaqib Mahmood

Course text: None.

Prerequisites: None.